Welcome to Classics (@ Paradox of the day .com)!

My aim is to slowly add some of the classical texts that I have read and rely on in the main blog for reference. There is nothing unique about my texts than others found online. Except that I quickly go over proofing errors in Word to get out most typos that are common in the copy-paste from pdf’s that other websites use. I don’t aim to make the references academic, mostly because if you are serious about your classics, you would know about the Perseus Project.

I always encourage my students to read on paper instead of screen, for two reasons:

  1. You will understand better from paper. Some studies only now start piling up, but our memory works better when we read from paper. This is at least the case for those used to reading on paper, so the younger generation may not be as prone to this as the somewhat older people like myself (cf. this article for more info).
  2. You will not tire your eyes. Yes it costs money to print/buy (I suggest to buy, the classics only cost a few dollars/pounds and well worth it), but it will cost you less than poor eyesight, back pain, etc.

This site is for quick reference only. Don’t rely on it for academic purposes (though if you rely on other things you find online, this is not any less).